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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Concept of Time and God"

Time is a Punctual Earth Concoction; 
a Numeral Configuration 
Which Keeps Us Busy. 
Eternity is Without Need
for Cyclic Linear Rules.
It Runs on Spirit and Soul
Surrounded by the Energy
of the Almighty God
In No Need of 
Past, Present or Future,
Without Constraint of Beginning or End.

Cheryl E Gordon


  1. Is not eternity cyclical by definition though? I think perhaps you meant: "Eternity is without need for Linear rules".

    But I do agree, Eternity is after all, the opposite of Temporality.

  2. In Earth Definition Eternity may be described as Cyclic. I did not see it as "cyclic" in my Remembrance from my NDE. Linear Rules is a Great Interpretation of the poem's intent. Thanks for your comment!


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