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Monday, November 23, 2009

Obsession with Beauty

We are Obsessed with Physical Beauty.
Yet, Physical Beauty is a Only Small Part
Of the Formula
In the Eyes of God.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Two Beliefs"

Two Beliefs I Hold Dearly: 
Beauty lies within Love, and
The Simplest Mind May Bring the Greatest Joy.

Cheryl E Gordon 11/23/09

Financial Gluttony

I believe It is Good to Have Success,
But Financial Gluttony 
Leaves Many in The Dark.

Cheryl Gordon

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pebbles of the River

Like multi-colored Pebbles of the River,
We All Come From the One Great Source
Polished by the Flowing Water of Time.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Upon the Death of a Loved One"

What Does One Say To Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One?
"I am Sorry", or "With Time It Will Get Better"?
One Seems not Enough, and the Other Perhaps Too Much...
I Shall Say, "My Heart Weeps With Yours".

Cheryl E Gordon

Raindrops From Heaven

Our Lives on this Earth Are Like Raindrops From Heaven.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Freedom Of Choice"

Every Person, Religious Group and Nation
Has the Freedom of Choice
To Either Work Against Life in Destruction,
Or With It in Creation.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 29th, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wisdom of Naivety

The Wisdom of Naivety is Pure Innocence.
Sometimes "Knowledge" is More Less than More.

Cheryl E Gordon,
Sept 22, 2009

Afraid to Love

Do Not Be Afraid to Love
For Love is as Natural as Breathing.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 15, 2009

Love Conquers Death

Let Our Joyful Songs
Of Praise and Love
Overcome and Conquer
The Cries of Pain and Death
On the Battlefield.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 15th 2009

"Haiku Poem: Sea World"

Awake and Then Asleep/  Reaching Out Into the Deep/  Fishes Dancing Sweet.//
Some are Bright in Hue/  Beckoning, darting About/ Others Hide from View/.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 14th, 2009

Haiku Poem: Prayer for Earthbound Souls

Breathe Deep, Oneness, God/  Flow Pain Outward, Universe/  Peace, Replace Darkness/.

Cheryl E Gordon,
Sept 13, 2009

Profound Thinking

Think Profoundly
As There May Be More Than One Answer
To the Question.

Cheryl Gordon

Haiku Poem: For Grandpa & Grandma

Love Speaks,
Presence Far,
Poems From the Heart,
Distance matters Not.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 13, 2009

Spirit Dance

Not Everyone's Feet Can Dance,
But Their Spirit Can.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 12, 2009

Ode to My Friends

My Friends:
You Walk Beside Me in the Journey of Life;
Giving Me Worlds of Encouragement when I Falter; 
Sharing the Blessed Moments and Accepting Me for Who I am.
With All My Heart, I Thank You!

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 12, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Postings: Butterfly Spirit- Hope- Love- Peace- Healing: Thanksgiving Day in America... What If....

Postings: Butterfly Spirit- Hope- Love- Peace- Healing: Thanksgiving Day in America... What If....

Giving Ourselves Permission to Heal

It is Important to Give Ourselves Permission to Heal.
What We Voice as Our Desire to Heal
Must Be Believed From Within.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 10,2009

Haiku, Micro Poem: Jewels of the Ocean

Jewels of the Ocean, Creatures of the Sea.
Your Fragile Existence Hauntingly Calls to Me.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Self Righteous"

No One Has the Right to Be Self Righteous
For It is Inherent that We All Make Mistakes.

Cheryl E Gordon

Saturday, November 14, 2009

About Needy Egos

It Appears that So Many Egos Are Clamoring for Attention, 
The World Is Resounding in Stereo.

Cheryl E Gordon

Spiritual Warrior

Become a Spiritual Warrior~
Wear the Badge of Courage
For Those Too Old, Sick or Weak to Fight.

Cheryl E Gordon

Hidden Truth

It is Hard to Find the Truth When Surrounded By Walls of Lies, 
But We Must NEVER Give Up Searching and 
Joining Forces to Tear the Walls Down.

Cheryl E Gordon

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ode to the Abused

Be Free to Live the Truth:

You Have Awoken Dear Friend, To Speak the Forgotten Truth
Of the Horrible Deeds Done Against You...
You Were Groomed by Your Captors to Believe You Were In Their Power,
Made To Think You Have Done Wrong, But You Have Done No Wrong.

Perhaps You Have Been Silenced So Long Your Spirit Forgot Who You Are.
You have Now Awoken from your Drugged Sleep to Reclaim your Power.

For Those Mortally Wounded in Spirit, Let This Day Be Your Day of Resurrection!
Your Strength Shall Be in Your Fighting Spirit and in Your Numbers;
For You Are as Numerous as The Petals of the Wild Flowers.

If You are Weak, Let Your Caring Friends Hold You in Their Loving Arms
As You Shout Out Your Words of Freedom.

Shout Loudly, So The World May Know the Pain You Have Endured in Your Innocence.
Let the World Know the Darkest Secrets of Your Perpetrator. 
Expose the Wicked to Save the Innocent and Free Your Spirit.

No Longer Shall Demon Lies and the Blackest of Deeds Have Power Over You. 
In Your Awakening, You Are Now Free From Their Chains! 
Your Revenge Shall Be to Expose Their Secretive Hideous Acts to the World.

No One Can Hide from the Truth that is Revealed. 
Their Punishment Will Rain Down from the Heavens and All Corners of the Earth.

The People of the World Shall Stand Up Against Them. 
You Shall Live Your Life in New Found Freedom,
Freedom From the Chains of Harmful Memories and Helplessness.
Freedom to Pay Respectful Tribute To the Purposeful Release of Your Painful Past.

Cheryl E Gordon

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fighting Fires

Become a Firefighter.
Be the Mediator in a Heated Debate.

Cheryl E Gordon

How to Brighten the World

We Can Brighten the World By Practicing On
Making the Corners of Our Mouths Turning Upward.

Cheryl E Gordon

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Love Returned

What is Given with Love From the Heart
And Done with Ernest Intent,
Will Come Back to the Giver Greatly Amplified.
This Combined With Unity In Mind
Will Bring Harmony to All.

Oct 18, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Past, Present & Future

The Past Shall Not Be Undone. 
The Future is Created with each Event by Action. 
Let Us Live each Day with Mindful Intent. 

Oct 18th, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Earth Balance"

If We Do Not Help Mother Nature 
Maintain the Eco System of Earth Balance, 
She Will Accomplish this Without Us,
And it will be Done With Great Force.

Oct 20th, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Laws of Nature

If We Were to Incorporate the Laws of Nature into our Own Laws,
Much Would be Revealed....

Oct 20th, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

We All Need Inner Peace

Some Follow the Body, Others the Spirit. 
Some Follow Love, Others Charity. 
Some Follow Money, Others Hope. 
But We All Need Inner Peace. 

Oct 20th, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Affirmation: Healing of the Earth

My Spirit Rises to the Heavens 
As The Earth Calls Out for Healing.
The Rivers of Life Will be Renewed, 
The Ground Purified and,
Peace Shall Reign Forever.

Oct 21st, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

God Is ...

God Is:
A Baby's Coo~
Crashing of the Waves Against the Shoreline~
Lightening and Thunder of the Sky~
Glorious Mountain Tops Covered In Snow..
Life Everlasting ...

Oct 21st, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

What If?

What if Everyone,
Put the Same Amount of Energy Spent
On the Games We Watch and Play Into Focus,
Regarding the Sustainability of Life.
We Would All Win!

Cheryl E Gordon

Meditation Life Excercise

In Equal Measure:
Inhale Love and Breathe Out Peace.
Inhale Peace, and Breathe Out Love.
Repeat Until the Flow Vibrates
in Harmonic Synchronicity.

 Revised, 10/29/10
Oct 24th, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

We Must Teach Our Children to Love

Those Who Harbor Hatred in Their Heart,
Teach Their Children to Hate.
They Teach Violence as Necessary, and
To Fear that Which They Do Not Understand.
We Must Teach Our Children to Love All Things
And to Discard Fear from Their Hearts.

Cheryl Gordon
Oct 2009

Healing of the Planet

Healing the People and Healing the Planet.....
We Cannot Have One without the Other.
It is the Right and Just Way, and
The Only Way We Will Survive ...

Oct 7th 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

"Our Journey"

We are All Children of the Universe.
Our Vehicle of Travel on this Earth
Is Our Body and Spirit.
Let Us Be True to Ourselves
Holding Fast to Our Belief,
While Harming No One in Our Journey.

Cheryl E Gordon

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Doing Nothing

If I Can Do Something,
But Choose to Do Nothing,
I am Nothing.

Oct 10,09

Knowing & Becoming

When I Thought I Knew More, I Became Less.
When I Thought I Knew Less, I Became More.
Yet, I am Still in the Process of Becoming.

Oct 10,2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Preparation for Guests

Putting My Heart on the Front Burner// Turning the Dial to Simmer//  in Anticipation of a Handful of Guests//.

Cheryl E Gordon

Fear & the Komodo Dragon

Do Not Fall Prey to Fear.
Fear is the Komodo Dragon,
Relentlessly Stalking and Eating
Every Living Thing in It's Path.

Cheryl E Gordon

Analogy of Earth and Life

The World is a Field of Grasses and Wildflowers
With Handfuls of Burrs and Stinging Nettle. 
One Must Walk Carefully While Enjoying It's Beauty.

Cheryl E Gordon

Insecurity & World Changes

I Believe that there is an Association
With the Increase of People Trying to Reverse Their Aging Process, and
Changing Their Images with the Escalation of World Changes. 
The Former Being a Reflection of Insecurity.

Oct 9th,2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Sharing Smiles.

A Smile Has No Ending.  Let Us Share a Smile Today!

Oct 9th,2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Open Our Hearts

We Must Open Our Hearts to the Down Trodden.  While Some Plan a Four Course Meal, Others Cry for a Piece of Dry Bread.

Oct 9th 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Key to Life

Jesus Gave Us the "Key to Life". 
The Answer is Within Each of Us. 
It is Simply Powerful.  That is,
We Must Love One Another As He Loves Us.

Oct 9th, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Brother is Not the Enemy

If We Substitute the Word "Brother"
In Place of "Enemy" in Universal Language,
Things Will Quickly Change
For the Betterment of Mankind.

Cheryl E Gordon
Oct 9th, 2009

March to Freedom

The March to Freedom Does Not require big Guns and Force. 
Many World Leaders Choose to Believe This Is So,
But the Real Power is In Each Citizen's Own Hands.

Cheryl E Gordon
Oct 9th 2009

Open Our Minds

If  We All Would Just Open Up Our Minds, and Let the Fresh Air In,
The World Would Be a Much Safer and Better Place to Live.

Cheryl E Gordon,
Oct 9th, 2009

The Answer Lies Within

Others May Guide You Towards Enlightenment,
Yet the Treasure of the Answer
Lies Purely Within Your Self

Cheryl E Gordon
Oct 5th, 2009

Haiku Poem: Memories

Photos and Scrapbooks// Frozen Events of the Past//  Cherished Moments Shared.

Cheryl E Gordon
Oct 5th, 2009

Evolution Revolution

We are in an Evolution Revolution. 
Let Us Not Kill Each Other Off
In Hostile or Friendly Fire.

Oct 13th,2009
Cheryl E Gordon

We Are One In Spirit

We are All "One in Spirit".
Earth is our School, Playground, and Temple.
When We Heal, Earth Heals,
And When Earth Heals, We Heal.

Cheryl E Gordon
Oct 2009

Memories, Past & Present

Memories are Captured in Our Psyche
And the Gene Cells from Our Past. 
Current Experience Triggers Age Old Memories
Generating New Responses,
Most Often Without Our Awareness.

Cheryl E Gordon,
Oct 4th, 2009

Question and Answer

The Question of One is the Answer of Another.

Trails of Life

Traveling Around the Trails of Life,
I See
Beings, Boundaries, Freedom
and Flight.
I Find Bullies, Cowards, Friends
and Foe.
Your Sacred Light Leads Me
Wherever I Go.

Cheryl E Gordon,

Music's Pathway to the Soul

Music Stimulates a Pathway to the Soul. 
Each Instrument and Note Orchestrates the Vibrational Wave
That Reaches Our Innermost Being.

Cheryl E Gordon,
Oct 3rd, 2009

"Open Mind"

We Must Open Our Minds to Infinite Possibilities.
Surely there must be more than one "Yellow Brick Road".

Cheryl E Gordon,
Oct 3, 2009

Spiritual Revolution

We are in a Spiritual Revolution. 
Some are Just Slower Than Others
in Recognition and Adjustment to a Higher Vibration. 
They are Like Little Children,
Throwing Tantrums, and Resisting Change.

Oct 3,2009]
Cheryl E Gordon

"The Happening"

Our Existence is a "Happening". 
Life and Death are "Happening". 
We are always "Happening".

Oct 3, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Deceit and Abuse

To All Predators and Abusers:
May Your Cloak of Darkness
Be Peeled Away
From Your Physical and Immaterial Body
So All May Be Revealed.

Oct 2nd, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

"Stairway to Heaven"

I Believe that the Stairway to Heaven Goes Both Ways. 
Those Who Cross Over Have Not Abandoned Us. 
We Must Keep Them in Our Hearts as We are In Theirs. 
God Transcends All, and We are Immortal. 
But on the Earth Plain, We Have Our Wings Clipped Until We Are Ready to Fly.

Oct 1st, 2009
Addendum 6/29/10
Cheryl E Gordon

Monday, November 2, 2009

Poem: "Passing of Summer"

Blue Skies~Fleeting Butterflies.
Fall Breeze~Leaves Drop from the Trees.
Hummers Gone~ Birds Fly On By.
Seasons Change Places with a Sigh.

October 1st, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

God in Culture

I believe God Manifests in All Creation and
Each Culture has the Ability to See God in Nature
And Interpret the Almighty Spirit Accordingly...

Haiku Poem: Soldier Returns from the War

Faded Glory Flag// Tattered Soldier Knocks on Door// Honey, I am Home//

Haiku Poem
Sept 30th, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon


May Love Abound and Peace Surround
And the Wind Breathe Purity.
May the Rivers Flow with Life-Giving Essence
And Mountains Reveal their Treasures.
May We All Live Forever.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 30th, 2009

Garden of the Universe

Let Your Imagination Play in the Garden of the Universe
Where Shooting Stars Collide into Tinsels of Light,
And Mind Resounds in Echos of Laughter.

Sept 29th 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Reflection of God's Love

The Good that we Do is a Reflection of God's  Love. 
But When we Shut God Out of Our Heart,
We are Only a Shell of a Person,
Living in Total Darkness.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 28th, 2009

Scrutiny of Our Self

The Scrutiny of Our Inner Self
Opens Us Up to the Ability to Love.

Cheryl E Gordon,
Sept 27th 2009

Spirituality and Materialism

When Relationships and Spirituality are Put on the Back Burner, and
Pursuit of Money is Placed on the Front,
We Have Lost the True Meaning in Life.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 24th, 2009

Haiku Poem: "Frog Pool"

Swirling Reflections,
Water Pool Vibrant with Life,
Frogs Sing Songs of Love.

Haiku Poem
Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 24th, 2009

Key to Our Sacred Space

Compassion is Paramount for our Spirit and Soul,
And Dedicating our Lives to Helping Others is a Wonderful Pursuit,
Yet We Must be Very Careful Not to Give Out
The Key to our Very Own Sacred Space.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 23rd, 2009

Prayer for the Followers and Generators of Light

This is a Prayer for the Followers and Generators of "Light".
"May You Establish Peace in Your Life, and
Cultivate Love in the Garden of Your Heart.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 22nd  2009

The Earth is Our Teacher

The Earth is Our Teacher. 
We Must Apply Ourselves to Graduate.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 22nd 2009

Friends Are a Gift

Friends are a Gift that Cannot be Weighed or Repaid. 
Just Love Them.

 Cheryl E Gordon,
Sept 22nd 2009

Haiku Poem: Autumn & Fall

The Smell of Clean Air//  Red, Yellow, Orange and Rust Hues//  Spice, pumpkin and You//

Haiku Poem
Sept 22, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Love Is

Love is Smiling, Sharing, Reaching Out and Caring.
Love is Listening, Hearing and Being Enduring. 
"Love Is".

Artist's Gifts to the World

The Artist's Gifts to the World
Are More than their Unique Ability to Vibrantly Express Themselves. 
An Even Greater Gift, is their Ability to Share.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 20th 2009