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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now & the Future

Believe in the Now While Creating the Future.

Cheryl E Gordon

The Child In the Adult

The Child is Always Within.
One Cannot Understand the Adult
Without First Paying Close Attention
To the Child.

Cheryl E Gordon

Helpers and Healers Must Protect the Innocent

Helpers and Healers
Must Remain Alert and Active to Protect the Innocent from the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing.
They Tantalize, Mesmerize, and Steal from the Pure in Spirit Who Cross Their Paths.
Their Victims Will Not Speak Out as Fear and Feelings of Hopelessness Silence Their Tongues.
We Must Be Their Voices and Their Protectors.

By Being Attune, Astute, Watching, Listening and Quickly Intervening,
This Atrocity Will Be Vanquished and Banished from Our Societies.

We Have the Power, Ability, Strength and Numbers to Eliminate This Disease,
But We MUST Pay Attention, and Quickly ACT.

It is a Given That Someone in Your Close Friendship Circle,
Including Your Family Has Suffered From this Disease.
It is One of the World's Best Kept Dark Secrets.

They Have Done No Wrong, But Have Been Bullied into Submission and Guilt.
This is One Dark Secret that Must Be Revealed and Addressed
So the Afflicted May Be Free to Heal and Live the Glorious Life They Deserve.

The Survivors are Many, and I Respectfully Call them, Butterfly Spirits.
Please Visit My Blogsite Dedicated to this Cause.
There are Hopeful Messages and Helpful Links Here to Address Your Unique Situations:

http://butterflyspirittales.blogspot.com (see blog list on right of page to click on link)

Cheryl E Gordon

Haiku Poem: Light Empowers

Crystal Light Empowers/ Negative Thoughts Devours/ Greatest Light is From Above/

Cheryl E Gordon