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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Doing Nothing

If I Can Do Something,
But Choose to Do Nothing,
I am Nothing.

Oct 10,09

Knowing & Becoming

When I Thought I Knew More, I Became Less.
When I Thought I Knew Less, I Became More.
Yet, I am Still in the Process of Becoming.

Oct 10,2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Preparation for Guests

Putting My Heart on the Front Burner// Turning the Dial to Simmer//  in Anticipation of a Handful of Guests//.

Cheryl E Gordon

Fear & the Komodo Dragon

Do Not Fall Prey to Fear.
Fear is the Komodo Dragon,
Relentlessly Stalking and Eating
Every Living Thing in It's Path.

Cheryl E Gordon

Analogy of Earth and Life

The World is a Field of Grasses and Wildflowers
With Handfuls of Burrs and Stinging Nettle. 
One Must Walk Carefully While Enjoying It's Beauty.

Cheryl E Gordon

Insecurity & World Changes

I Believe that there is an Association
With the Increase of People Trying to Reverse Their Aging Process, and
Changing Their Images with the Escalation of World Changes. 
The Former Being a Reflection of Insecurity.

Oct 9th,2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Sharing Smiles.

A Smile Has No Ending.  Let Us Share a Smile Today!

Oct 9th,2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Open Our Hearts

We Must Open Our Hearts to the Down Trodden.  While Some Plan a Four Course Meal, Others Cry for a Piece of Dry Bread.

Oct 9th 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Key to Life

Jesus Gave Us the "Key to Life". 
The Answer is Within Each of Us. 
It is Simply Powerful.  That is,
We Must Love One Another As He Loves Us.

Oct 9th, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Brother is Not the Enemy

If We Substitute the Word "Brother"
In Place of "Enemy" in Universal Language,
Things Will Quickly Change
For the Betterment of Mankind.

Cheryl E Gordon
Oct 9th, 2009

March to Freedom

The March to Freedom Does Not require big Guns and Force. 
Many World Leaders Choose to Believe This Is So,
But the Real Power is In Each Citizen's Own Hands.

Cheryl E Gordon
Oct 9th 2009

Open Our Minds

If  We All Would Just Open Up Our Minds, and Let the Fresh Air In,
The World Would Be a Much Safer and Better Place to Live.

Cheryl E Gordon,
Oct 9th, 2009

The Answer Lies Within

Others May Guide You Towards Enlightenment,
Yet the Treasure of the Answer
Lies Purely Within Your Self

Cheryl E Gordon
Oct 5th, 2009

Haiku Poem: Memories

Photos and Scrapbooks// Frozen Events of the Past//  Cherished Moments Shared.

Cheryl E Gordon
Oct 5th, 2009

Evolution Revolution

We are in an Evolution Revolution. 
Let Us Not Kill Each Other Off
In Hostile or Friendly Fire.

Oct 13th,2009
Cheryl E Gordon

We Are One In Spirit

We are All "One in Spirit".
Earth is our School, Playground, and Temple.
When We Heal, Earth Heals,
And When Earth Heals, We Heal.

Cheryl E Gordon
Oct 2009

Memories, Past & Present

Memories are Captured in Our Psyche
And the Gene Cells from Our Past. 
Current Experience Triggers Age Old Memories
Generating New Responses,
Most Often Without Our Awareness.

Cheryl E Gordon,
Oct 4th, 2009

Question and Answer

The Question of One is the Answer of Another.

Trails of Life

Traveling Around the Trails of Life,
I See
Beings, Boundaries, Freedom
and Flight.
I Find Bullies, Cowards, Friends
and Foe.
Your Sacred Light Leads Me
Wherever I Go.

Cheryl E Gordon,

Music's Pathway to the Soul

Music Stimulates a Pathway to the Soul. 
Each Instrument and Note Orchestrates the Vibrational Wave
That Reaches Our Innermost Being.

Cheryl E Gordon,
Oct 3rd, 2009

"Open Mind"

We Must Open Our Minds to Infinite Possibilities.
Surely there must be more than one "Yellow Brick Road".

Cheryl E Gordon,
Oct 3, 2009

Spiritual Revolution

We are in a Spiritual Revolution. 
Some are Just Slower Than Others
in Recognition and Adjustment to a Higher Vibration. 
They are Like Little Children,
Throwing Tantrums, and Resisting Change.

Oct 3,2009]
Cheryl E Gordon

"The Happening"

Our Existence is a "Happening". 
Life and Death are "Happening". 
We are always "Happening".

Oct 3, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Deceit and Abuse

To All Predators and Abusers:
May Your Cloak of Darkness
Be Peeled Away
From Your Physical and Immaterial Body
So All May Be Revealed.

Oct 2nd, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

"Stairway to Heaven"

I Believe that the Stairway to Heaven Goes Both Ways. 
Those Who Cross Over Have Not Abandoned Us. 
We Must Keep Them in Our Hearts as We are In Theirs. 
God Transcends All, and We are Immortal. 
But on the Earth Plain, We Have Our Wings Clipped Until We Are Ready to Fly.

Oct 1st, 2009
Addendum 6/29/10
Cheryl E Gordon