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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Followers and Leaders"

The Good Leader is Eternally Blessed 
By Faithful and Endearing Followers.

Time Passes, and Roles may Reverse

As the Greatest of the Followers
Become the Strongest Leader.

Cheryl E Gordon

"The Messenger"

Be Observant of the Messenger
In What He Says or Does Not Say.

Determine Intent,
Expect Evolving Clarification
Of  Purpose in Your Life.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Continuum of Light"

Light Blooms
In a Continuum
Of where Darkness
Once Was.

Cheryl E Gordon

"All I Can Be""

I Know I am Not 
Cut Out for the Army.
It is Certainly Not for me.
And, If I were to "Be
All I Can Be"
I Would Not Be Here
In my Physical Body.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Such is Life"

We Must Fertilize and Water our Promising Crops
Pulling the Weeds from Our Garden.
Sometimes a Wild Wind Blows in Bad Seed,
These Fall Scattered amongst the Seedlings,
Choking them Out. 

But with Good Soil,
Healthy Seed and Proper Maintenance,
A Fertile and Abundant Crop Succeeds.

The Good Farmer is Totally Prepared
For Maintaining a Healthy Field
By Fertilizing and Tilling the Soil,
Watering, Harvesting and Caring for the Crops,
And Removing Harmful Substance whenever Needed,
Regardless of Circumstance. 
Such is Life
As it is Written.

Cheryl E Gordon