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Monday, January 16, 2012

"Good versus Bad Intent"

The Pure Heart may Suffer Unforeseen Challenges to their Good Intent.
This may bring Despair if Unrecognized for the Value of the Interaction.
Good Actions catalyze Bad Intent from Maladjusted Souls.

Do not fall Prey to Deceit and Assault upon Your Positive Actions.
They Seek to Destroy that which they Fear and do not Understand, 
Taking this on as a Challenge that Triggers their own Demise.

When they attempt to Ambush, Discredit and Destroy that which is Pure,
They are Drawn Out from their Own Darkness into the LIGHT.
Corrupt Actions are Revealed, and In this Action,
Bad Intent and Retaliation against that which is GOOD
Becomes Neutralized and Destroyed.

Cheryl E Gordon