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Friday, March 26, 2010

"The Spiritual Awakening Revolution"

Some of Us Believe that We are in a Spiritual Awakening Revolution that will Effect Each One of Us to Our Very Core.  I believe that Many Do Not Know What is Happening to this World of Ours, and Have Trouble Adjusting to the Evolving Higher Spiritual Vibration of the Radical Changes Occurring in Recent Times. The Energies of Change seem Chaotic and Fearful to Many.  They Seem Life-Threatening to "Our Way of Life".

I Believe This Totally Engulfing Life Force Vibration is an Increasing Concentration of Spiritual Acceleration, Radiating from the Central Energy that Originates from the Creator. It is Strong but Seemingly Subtle to Detect other than it's Effects on What is Happening to and Surrounding us.  This Interaction Occurs Even Deeper than the Cellular Level, both Within and Outside of our Physical Bodies.  It Occurs within and To Every Existing Thing on this Planet.  On the Cellular Level, we may Feel it but Do Not Actually Know what is Happening to Us.  And Each One of Us, as Unique Individuals, Responds to these Changes in Various Ways.

Some Humans React Like Little Children, Throwing Tantrums or Lashing Out in their Confusion and Selfish Desire for "Things" to Remain the "Same".  They Might Destroy that which is Necessary for Survival without Knowing or Caring. Some may even choose to lash out in anger and vengeance at that which they do not understand, or causes fear and is in disharmony with their Beliefs or morals. Others Respond by Denial or Fear to Venture from the Darkness or Grayness of their Lives Out into the Light and by so doing are Dis-Allowing the Light to Reach Them and Transform them From Within.

There are also Those Who Desire Change, Cleansing and Refreshment of the Spirit, but Do not Know what They May be Capable of  Doing, or How to Go About Doing it; that is Creating a Desirable Change in Accordance with the Cleansing Manifestations that are Coming About.  They Seem to be Functioning in a Stage of Confusion and Volley from one Aspect of Choice to Another without True Commitment and Variable Degrees of Effort.

Then there are The Light Workers, or People with a More Tuned in Spiritual Knowledge Base, Less Ego (or Self) Interference, and a Genuine Desire for Teaching.  They Seem to have Inherent Compassion, Know how to Draw Positive Energy from the Light, and are Willing to Dedicate their Lives to Helping Others make a Less Traumatic Transition towards Living a Spiritually Healthier Earth Life.  They are the Earth's Freedom Fighters and Keepers.  They are Willing to "Go with the Flow" and see These Life Force Changes as Healthy Desirable Changes.  They have Accepted the Supra Vibrational Pull as a Healthy, Necessary, and Creative Pull.

So We are at a Cross Roads, and a Healthy Change Requires Dedication and Letting Go of that Which is Stagnant and Unproductive, and Destructive, and Grabbing on to that which is Lighter, Brighter and More in Alignment with Purity, Wellness and Healing.  In Simple Terms, If You Choose to Move Forward, You Will Be in a Much Better Place....

Cheryl E Gordon

Spiritual Spring Cleaning

Spiritual Spring Cleaning is Opening Our Minds to the Sunlight 
And Letting the Fresh Air In.

Cheryl E Gordon