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Friday, November 13, 2009

Ode to the Abused

Be Free to Live the Truth:

You Have Awoken Dear Friend, To Speak the Forgotten Truth
Of the Horrible Deeds Done Against You...
You Were Groomed by Your Captors to Believe You Were In Their Power,
Made To Think You Have Done Wrong, But You Have Done No Wrong.

Perhaps You Have Been Silenced So Long Your Spirit Forgot Who You Are.
You have Now Awoken from your Drugged Sleep to Reclaim your Power.

For Those Mortally Wounded in Spirit, Let This Day Be Your Day of Resurrection!
Your Strength Shall Be in Your Fighting Spirit and in Your Numbers;
For You Are as Numerous as The Petals of the Wild Flowers.

If You are Weak, Let Your Caring Friends Hold You in Their Loving Arms
As You Shout Out Your Words of Freedom.

Shout Loudly, So The World May Know the Pain You Have Endured in Your Innocence.
Let the World Know the Darkest Secrets of Your Perpetrator. 
Expose the Wicked to Save the Innocent and Free Your Spirit.

No Longer Shall Demon Lies and the Blackest of Deeds Have Power Over You. 
In Your Awakening, You Are Now Free From Their Chains! 
Your Revenge Shall Be to Expose Their Secretive Hideous Acts to the World.

No One Can Hide from the Truth that is Revealed. 
Their Punishment Will Rain Down from the Heavens and All Corners of the Earth.

The People of the World Shall Stand Up Against Them. 
You Shall Live Your Life in New Found Freedom,
Freedom From the Chains of Harmful Memories and Helplessness.
Freedom to Pay Respectful Tribute To the Purposeful Release of Your Painful Past.

Cheryl E Gordon