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Monday, December 14, 2009

"Suicide is Not the End"

One Close Friend of Mine's only Son, so lost in this world, committed Suicide.  He was a loving and artful young man, sensitive to the world, but in his teens, found Drugs, or should I say they Found Him.  His life turned on him at that point onward unto his untimely death.  But this is not a desperate and hopeless story.  He was lost to this world but was not forsaken.

This Young Man's  Father dreamed of his beloved Son the night before his Death.  This dream was in a form of a Premonition that helped him to continue with living his own life without succumbing to overwhelming Grief and Sadness. This Significant Dream gave him Insight and Reaffirmed his Belief of the Hereafter.

In the Dream State, the Eve before his son's death, my Friend saw his Only Child being carried upwards into the Heavens in the arms of a Warrior Angel.  He recalled this dream in the morning with Foreboding.  When the phone call came, and he was told of his Son's Death, he realized that God had been Communicating to Him Personally.  He knew from this Peek into the Future, that his Son was not Sent into an Afterlife of Eternal Damnation as his Own Religion taught him to Believe, but was considered Worthy to be Brought to God in the Arms of one of God's most Significant Angels.

This is a True and Poignant Story that gives much Hope for the Families of loved Ones who died by Suicide.  That which we do not Understand is Understood by God.  Sometimes God reaches out and shows us that All Will Be as it should be, Safe in His Loving Care.

Cheryl E Gordon