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Monday, November 2, 2009

Poem: "Passing of Summer"

Blue Skies~Fleeting Butterflies.
Fall Breeze~Leaves Drop from the Trees.
Hummers Gone~ Birds Fly On By.
Seasons Change Places with a Sigh.

October 1st, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

God in Culture

I believe God Manifests in All Creation and
Each Culture has the Ability to See God in Nature
And Interpret the Almighty Spirit Accordingly...

Haiku Poem: Soldier Returns from the War

Faded Glory Flag// Tattered Soldier Knocks on Door// Honey, I am Home//

Haiku Poem
Sept 30th, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon


May Love Abound and Peace Surround
And the Wind Breathe Purity.
May the Rivers Flow with Life-Giving Essence
And Mountains Reveal their Treasures.
May We All Live Forever.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 30th, 2009

Garden of the Universe

Let Your Imagination Play in the Garden of the Universe
Where Shooting Stars Collide into Tinsels of Light,
And Mind Resounds in Echos of Laughter.

Sept 29th 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Reflection of God's Love

The Good that we Do is a Reflection of God's  Love. 
But When we Shut God Out of Our Heart,
We are Only a Shell of a Person,
Living in Total Darkness.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 28th, 2009

Scrutiny of Our Self

The Scrutiny of Our Inner Self
Opens Us Up to the Ability to Love.

Cheryl E Gordon,
Sept 27th 2009

Spirituality and Materialism

When Relationships and Spirituality are Put on the Back Burner, and
Pursuit of Money is Placed on the Front,
We Have Lost the True Meaning in Life.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 24th, 2009

Haiku Poem: "Frog Pool"

Swirling Reflections,
Water Pool Vibrant with Life,
Frogs Sing Songs of Love.

Haiku Poem
Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 24th, 2009

Key to Our Sacred Space

Compassion is Paramount for our Spirit and Soul,
And Dedicating our Lives to Helping Others is a Wonderful Pursuit,
Yet We Must be Very Careful Not to Give Out
The Key to our Very Own Sacred Space.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 23rd, 2009

Prayer for the Followers and Generators of Light

This is a Prayer for the Followers and Generators of "Light".
"May You Establish Peace in Your Life, and
Cultivate Love in the Garden of Your Heart.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 22nd  2009

The Earth is Our Teacher

The Earth is Our Teacher. 
We Must Apply Ourselves to Graduate.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 22nd 2009

Friends Are a Gift

Friends are a Gift that Cannot be Weighed or Repaid. 
Just Love Them.

 Cheryl E Gordon,
Sept 22nd 2009

Haiku Poem: Autumn & Fall

The Smell of Clean Air//  Red, Yellow, Orange and Rust Hues//  Spice, pumpkin and You//

Haiku Poem
Sept 22, 2009
Cheryl E Gordon

Love Is

Love is Smiling, Sharing, Reaching Out and Caring.
Love is Listening, Hearing and Being Enduring. 
"Love Is".

Artist's Gifts to the World

The Artist's Gifts to the World
Are More than their Unique Ability to Vibrantly Express Themselves. 
An Even Greater Gift, is their Ability to Share.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 20th 2009