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Monday, January 11, 2010

On Terrorism

Terrorists Live and Feed off of Fear. 
We Need to Post Signs, 
"Please Do Not Feed the Terrorists".

Cheryl E Gordon

Power and God

Any Power We May Boast
Originates and is Generated by the Great Creator~
The Alpha and the Omega~
I Am~
All That is~
The Almighty God.

Cheryl E Gordon

About Life

It is Certain, As We Draw Each Breath,
Life is Immediately Ahead of Us,
Running in Gear and Firing on All Cylinders.
Focus on the Future,
Live the Present and
Contribute to Life.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Compassion and Caring"

It is Good to Think Peaceful Thoughts,
And Hone in Through Meditation,
But if we Close Our Eyes
to the Plight of the Land,
The Sky, the Ocean, and our Brothers,
We are no more than Dead.

Cheryl E Gordon


Giving and Blessings

Giving without Anticipation of Repayment
Allows Reciprocation of Blessings in Return.

Cheryl E Gordon

Poem: Colors of the Rainbow

I Do Not Fear Those who do not Believe as I,
For We are All a Twinkling in God's Eye.
Colors of the Rainbow and Waves of the Sea,
Jewels of the Planet All are We,
Sharing of Each Others' Company.

Cheryl E Gordon

About Peace

Shouting Out World Peace
Reading About Love and Peace
Striving for Personal Peace
Following the Path of the Prince of Peace.
I Believe in Peace...

Cheryl E Gordon