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Friday, May 28, 2010

"The Good Earth"

Some are Singing, Some are Swaying. 
Some are Preaching, Some are Praying. 
Breathe Out Love in All You Do and
The "Good Earth" Will Support You.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Love, the Companion"

♥ Love is the Companion to Hope and Dreams. 
Share Your Love. ♥ 

Cheryl E Gordon

"When You're Down"

☻☺Remember that When You Are Down
You Can Always Change It Around. ☺☻

Cheryl E Gordon

"I Believe in All That Is"

I Believe:
We All are Part of All that Is, Was and Always Will Be. 
Nothing Exists, Which Has Not Been Created.
Nothing is Destroyed which Cannot be Recreated,
Originating from the One Source,
And Returning to the One Source 
In the Eternal Cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth.
Therefore, If You Believe in Yourself, 
You Naturally Believe in the Creator,
The Eternal Nature of Existence,
And the One Source of "All That Is".

Cheryl E Gordon

"Love Surrounds Us"

♥ Love is All Around Us. 
To See or Find it
We Must Open the Doors and
Windows of Our Hearts ♥ 

Cheryl E Gordon

"Recycle Good"

♥ Love Recycles the "Good" ♥

Cheryl E Gordon

"Afraid to Love"

♥ Do Not Be Afraid to Love.
It is the Natural Thing to Do ♥

Cheryl E Gordon

"Let Love Rule Your Heart"

♥ With Love Ruling Your Heart
Things Will Only Get Better ♥ 

Cheryl E Gordon

"War Between Good and Evil"

In the Game" Called Life
There is a War Between Good and Evil~ 
The Roles Strategically Played by Heroes and Villains. 
I am Here to Cheer the Heroes on!

Cheryl E Gordon

"The Center of Living"

Love is Always the Center of Living ~ 
It's Heart Beating With or Without You.

Cheryl E Gordon

Monday, May 24, 2010

"Creation of The Artist"

God Created Man and Woman, 
And After Musing Briefly (in God Nano Seconds),
Threw in a Dash of Poignant AllSpice to Create the Artist.

Cheryl E Gordon


Believe in Your "Self" and 
Good Things Will Find Their Way to You.

Cheryl E Gordon

"The Gift of the Firstborn"

"The Gift of The Firstborn" ...

A Firstborn Mother is Blissfully Sleeping,
Dreaming of Stark Blue Skies and Turquoise Waters.
The Infant Whimpers Softly,
Awakening Her Mother from the Deepest Slumber,
She is in Tune to Her Little One's Heartbeat,
Their Synchronicity Amplified as if in Song.
Time is Naught and Nothing Else Matters.
Drawing Her Baby to Her Breast
She Whispers in Ernest in the Darkness of Night,
"Thank You Lord, for Giving Me
This Gift of Heaven on Earth
Through my Precious
Baby's Iife."

Cheryl E Gordon

Friday, May 21, 2010

"Love is Constant"

Love is Always Present,
Never Going Astray.

It May Give the Illusion of Passing,
Remaining Constant Through Transformation.

Within a Moment, or in a Day,
True Love will Never Pass Away.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Love Gone Bye"

Do Not Cry About Love Gone Bye. 
Cherish the Precious Moments, 
Rekindle Your Spirit, and 
Allow New Love to Refresh Your Heart.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Free Gift of Love"

Should You Be Without Wealth or Money, 
You Can Always Give the Free Gift of ♥ LOVE ♥

Cheryl E Gordon

"About Healing"

It is Not Just About You, Or Me. 
It is About All of Us. 
For When We Give of Ourselves to Others, 
We Heal Our Own Dis~Ease.

Cheryl E Gordon

"The Healer Within"

LOVE Brings Out the Healer that is Within.

Cheryl E Gordon

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Poem: The Liar's Limerick"

There Once was a Man Deemed a Liar.
The Words from His Mouth Would Draw Fire.
He'd Tell You a Story,
Some Outrageous, Some Gory,
(All Embellished with Glory)
But Most are of Muck and of Mire.

Cheryl E Gordon

(yes, I know there are 6 lines, not traditional limerick, but I like it this way!)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Negative Relationships"

Should You be in a Negative Relationship
Remember This: 
If It Bites You, 
It is Best to Let it Go ....

Cheryl E Gordon

"God as Your Compass"

You Can Always Get There From Here 
With God As Your Compass. 

Cheryl E Gordon

"Surround Yourself With Positive Friends"

Surround Yourself with Positive Friends.
The Negative will be be Diverted or Canceled. 
Either Way, You Win!

Cheryl E Gordon

"Choose What You Read Wisely"

Choose What You Read Wisely,
For Should You Become Lost in the Story 
The Mind May Process the Content as Real.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Showers of Love"

If We All Were to Blow a Kiss Out into the Universe
It Would Rain Down Showers of ❣♥❣ Love ❣♥❣

Cheryl E Gordon

"Walk to the Bright Side"

When Life is Getting You Down,
Put on Your Walking Shoes and 
Take a Walk to the Bright Side. 
Just Follow the Light.

Cheryl E Gordon

Monday, May 17, 2010

"Reason Beyond Reason"

Some Insist on Reason. 
I Pursue the Reason Beyond Reason.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Gift From the Heart"

A Gift from the ♥ Heart ♥ Pumps Life into the Heart of Others. 

Cheryl E Gordon

"Calibrating Our Hearts"

♥ Let's Calibrate Our Hearts to the Beat of Love

Cheryl E Gordon

Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Wings of Love"

I Find Life Effortlessly Beautiful 
When Flying Over the Stormy Seas 
On the Wings of ♥Love♥.

Cheryl E Gordon

"About God and Man"

I Believe God Created Man in Divine Love to Experience and Participate in His Creation.

"Man in General" however, in his Imperfection Gives God Human Attributes as Man Cannot Understand or Comprehend Perfection. Thus the Many Interpretations and Translations of the Bible and the Other Religious Books, and the Craziness of the Human Race Fighting over their Conflicting Religious Beliefs.

We Have Not Yet Learned as a Species that We are "ONE" as Being Part of the Divine Spirit, thereby letting Our Strict Religious Beliefs that Divide and Separate Us.

Divine Progression is the Process of Becoming Holy and Pure.  We are in the Process of Becoming ALL THAT IS with the Oneness of the Creator.  That is the Wondrous Comprehensive Mystery of the Creation, Our Earth Lives, and Our Ascension. 

Surely It is Better to be as "One in Compassion, Acceptance and Love" than Live "Separately in Mistrust, Fear and Hate".

Cheryl E Gordon

Friday, May 14, 2010

"Love is the Drink"

♥♥ Love is the Drink 
That Satisfies a Deep Thirst 
From the Longing Heart. ♥♥

Cheryl E Gordon

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poem: "What Will We Do?"

What Will We Do When the Ocean is No Longer Blue? When the Skies Are Gray & the Trees have Gone Away, What Will We Do?

What Will We Say When there are No More Dolphins Left to Play? When Fish and Turtles are Dying and the Coral has Eroded Away, What Will We Say?

Who Shall We Blame When the Whole World Seems Insane? When Life is no Longer Held Sacred & the Earth is Stripped Naked, Who will we Blame?

Cheryl E Gordon

Monday, May 10, 2010

"Allow Love"

When You Allow Yourself to Love "You", 
Your Heart Finds Room for Much More.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Love and Hate"

Love is the Water of the Spirit. 
Hate is a Washout.

Cheryl EGordon

"Spring of Your Heart"

Allow Spring to Open
The Flower of Your Heart.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Karmic Response"

The Karma You Do Not Face 
Will Either Grab You by Your Shoulder
And Turn You Around 
Or Throw You Down.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Dreamworld Stage"

The Dreamworld Offers 
a Multidimensional Stage 
For Our Subconscious Expression 
Of  Which 
We Are a Creative Participant.

Cheryl E Gordon


One Must Choose Up or Down. 
For "In Between" is Going Nowhere. 

Cheryl E Gordon

"Dragon Heart & Butterfly Mind"

I Have a Dragon Heart 
and Butterfly Mind. 
My Spirit Rides on
The Winds of Time.

Cheryl E Gordon

"The Martyr"

You Must 
Release the Victim Persona 
To Be the Free Spirit 
You Are Meant to Be.

Cheryl E Gordon

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Through the Eyes of the Child"

A World of Imagination Unfolds 
Through the Eyes of the Child. 
If We Pay Attention, 
They Can Reteach Us 
What We Have Forgotten.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Leave the Door Open"

♥ "Love Will Find It's Way to Your Heart 
When You Leave the Door Open" ♥

Cheryl E Gordon

"Unlock the Chains of Your Heart"

If You Are Thinking "Poor Me"
And You Want to Feel Better, 
You Must Unlock the Chains of Your Heart
To Set Your Pain Free.

Cheryl E Gordon

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Prayer for One Religion Under God"

May All Religions Unite in Love
Of  the Creator Of Life
And Eternal Salvation.
And, For All Who Desire to Believe,
Let it Be In the Divine Purpose
Of the Common Good.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Echoes of Love"

The Sound of Laughter Resounds
As Echoes Of Love 
From The Chambers of the Heart.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Love Boats"

Let Us Transform Our War Ships into Love Boats.

Cheryl E Gordon'4/4/10

"Mother and Child"

Our Children are the Fruit of Our Labor of Love. 
The Pain of Childbirth Quickly Forgotten 
With the Baby's First Cry.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Cherish Life"

Life is a Renewable Resource
To be Nurtured and Cherished.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Earth Vacation"

Heaven is the Place the Soul Remembers as Home. 
Earth is a Vacation Away From Home 
And Like All Vacations, 
Unfolds Not Always as We Plan.
But When We Follow the Spirit,
Our Lives Are Enriched, 
As Are the Others Surrounding Us,
To the  Natural Beauty of the Soul.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Affirmation: Bullets of Love"

What Do You Believe Would Happen 
If We Were to Shoot Those Who Mean Us Harm 
With Imaginary Bullets of Love?

Cheryl E Gordon

"Positive Thinking"

Positive Thoughts Generate Positive Response. 
Think Positive if You Wish Your Life to Be Successful.

Cheryl E Gordon

"When in Doubt"

Whenever in Doubt, 
Follow the Light.

Cheryl E Gordon