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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

About Love

Love is Not Demanding, 
Restrictive or Controlling. 
Love Simply IS.

Cheryl E Gordon

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Recipe For Love

My Favorite Recipe for Love

Two Willing Hearts
1 tsp of Natural Sugar
1 Dash of Spice
Healthy Dose of "Essence of Free Spirit"

Stir & Blend Well Until Smooth in Consistency. 
Pour into Open Vessel & Serve

Cheryl E Gordon

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We Are Born to Move Freely

We Are Born Within the Mists of Dawn/ Made to Move Freely within the Day and the Night/ Ever Sheltered by the Eternal Light.

Cheryl E Gordon

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pure Love and Boundaries

Pure Love Has No Boundaries and
is Totally Shared in and Outside the Spiritual Realm.
Likewise, Pure Love is Never Lost.
Physical Attachments may be Severed,
But the Spiritual Bond Cannot Be Broken.

Cheryl E Gordon

Life on the Stage

When Your Life is On Stage, 
Fans Will Come and Go, 
But a True Friend 
Will Always Remain At Your Side.

Cheryl E Gordon,

Butterfly in the Winter

Inspiration Comes when Least Expected; 
Like Seeing a Butterfly in the Winter.

Cheryl E Gordon

Micro Poem: Stars & Windows of Heaven

Stars in the Dark of Night/ Gentle Reminders of God's Eternal Light/ Little Windows of Heaven/ You Show Us the Way/

Cheryl E Gordon

Desire and Effort

That which is most Desired, Constitutes the Greatest Effort. 
Most People Stop Here ~ Dare to be Different!

Cheryl E Gordon

Monday, December 14, 2009

"Suicide is Not the End"

One Close Friend of Mine's only Son, so lost in this world, committed Suicide.  He was a loving and artful young man, sensitive to the world, but in his teens, found Drugs, or should I say they Found Him.  His life turned on him at that point onward unto his untimely death.  But this is not a desperate and hopeless story.  He was lost to this world but was not forsaken.

This Young Man's  Father dreamed of his beloved Son the night before his Death.  This dream was in a form of a Premonition that helped him to continue with living his own life without succumbing to overwhelming Grief and Sadness. This Significant Dream gave him Insight and Reaffirmed his Belief of the Hereafter.

In the Dream State, the Eve before his son's death, my Friend saw his Only Child being carried upwards into the Heavens in the arms of a Warrior Angel.  He recalled this dream in the morning with Foreboding.  When the phone call came, and he was told of his Son's Death, he realized that God had been Communicating to Him Personally.  He knew from this Peek into the Future, that his Son was not Sent into an Afterlife of Eternal Damnation as his Own Religion taught him to Believe, but was considered Worthy to be Brought to God in the Arms of one of God's most Significant Angels.

This is a True and Poignant Story that gives much Hope for the Families of loved Ones who died by Suicide.  That which we do not Understand is Understood by God.  Sometimes God reaches out and shows us that All Will Be as it should be, Safe in His Loving Care.

Cheryl E Gordon

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Love Lost

Please Do Not Mourn of Love Lost.
Physical Attachments May Be Broken or Severed by Death,
But Pure Love Has No Boundaries, and
Is Totally Shared In and Outside the Spiritual Realm.

Cheryl E Gordon

The Past

So Many People Say, Forget About the Past.
I Believe The Past is an Intregal Part of Our Being.
The Past is a Stepping Stone to the Present, and
A Bridge to the Future.

Cheryl E Gordon

Friday, December 11, 2009

Micro Poem: From Day to Night

Yellow Sun Dies/ Blue Moon on the Rise/ Reflection of Stars in Our Eyes/

Cheryl E Gordon

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now & the Future

Believe in the Now While Creating the Future.

Cheryl E Gordon

The Child In the Adult

The Child is Always Within.
One Cannot Understand the Adult
Without First Paying Close Attention
To the Child.

Cheryl E Gordon

Helpers and Healers Must Protect the Innocent

Helpers and Healers
Must Remain Alert and Active to Protect the Innocent from the Wolves in Sheep's Clothing.
They Tantalize, Mesmerize, and Steal from the Pure in Spirit Who Cross Their Paths.
Their Victims Will Not Speak Out as Fear and Feelings of Hopelessness Silence Their Tongues.
We Must Be Their Voices and Their Protectors.

By Being Attune, Astute, Watching, Listening and Quickly Intervening,
This Atrocity Will Be Vanquished and Banished from Our Societies.

We Have the Power, Ability, Strength and Numbers to Eliminate This Disease,
But We MUST Pay Attention, and Quickly ACT.

It is a Given That Someone in Your Close Friendship Circle,
Including Your Family Has Suffered From this Disease.
It is One of the World's Best Kept Dark Secrets.

They Have Done No Wrong, But Have Been Bullied into Submission and Guilt.
This is One Dark Secret that Must Be Revealed and Addressed
So the Afflicted May Be Free to Heal and Live the Glorious Life They Deserve.

The Survivors are Many, and I Respectfully Call them, Butterfly Spirits.
Please Visit My Blogsite Dedicated to this Cause.
There are Hopeful Messages and Helpful Links Here to Address Your Unique Situations:

http://butterflyspirittales.blogspot.com (see blog list on right of page to click on link)

Cheryl E Gordon

Haiku Poem: Light Empowers

Crystal Light Empowers/ Negative Thoughts Devours/ Greatest Light is From Above/

Cheryl E Gordon

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dodging Bull Crap

I'm Feeling a Little Risque Today,
So I will just Venture Out to Say:
Time Keeps Slinging Bull Crap All Around Me.
I used to be a lot Better at Dodging.

Cheryl E Gordon

Most Important Events of My Life

Because I Choose to Believe, I Gladly Say, 
The Most Important Events in My Life Are 
The Birth and Death of Jesus Christ.

Cheryl E Gordon

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

About God

At the Dawn of Creation, There Was God.
Life Encircles the Return to God.

Cheryl E Gordon
Dec 9, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Giving Permission

No One Can Dictate Your Life  Unless 
You Give Them Permission to Do So. 
If You Believe that Life Lets You Down, 
Look Inside Yourself First for the Answer.

Cheryl E Gordon

Friday, December 4, 2009

Be Not Afraid

Some Are Afraid to Laugh;
Some are Afraid to Cry.
Others are Afraid to Die.
Be Not Afraid.

Cheryl E Gordon

Energy Time Capsule

I Believe that we are Born with an Internal Energy Time Capsule.
We Siphon this at First Rapidly, and
Tap Into It Less and Less
Until it has Been Totally used Up.

Cheryl E Gordon

Beauty of Life

The Beauty of Life Surrounds You 
But to See it You Must First
Take Off Your Sunglasses.

Cheryl E Gordon

Ode to My Family

I Love you for Loving Me.  
I Thank you for Sharing You with Me.  
My Early Years, I Lived With You. 
My Teen Years, I Ran From You.  
I am Now Here For You.

Cheryl E Gordon

God & Creatures of the Earth

God is in Reflected in the Eyes of All Living Creatures.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Living Life"

To Truly be Alive is 
To Feel The Earth~ 
To Smell The Rain~ 
To Listen to The Breeze~ 
To Sleep Under the Canopy of the Stars~
To Love and Be Loved.

Cheryl E Gordon

No One Better Than Another

No One is Better Than the Other.
We All Benefit to Learn From One Another.

Cheryl E Gordon