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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Poem "Return Our Troops Safely Home"

Return Our Troops Safely Home

Men and Women Are Fervently Fighting
For What Seems Like Eternity
In Bloody Battlefields with Flashes Igniting.
Please Send Our Troops Safely Home.

Fighting For Justice In a Land of Un-Free
In a Battle of Bloodshed and Flying Debris.
A Driving Force with Intent to Break Tyranny.
Bring Our Troops Safely Home.

Risking Their Lives So We Can Be Free,
From A Killing War That Should Never Be.
God In Heaven, Can the People Not See?
We Pray Our Troops Come Safely Home.

We Need Our Fathers, Sisters and Brothers
Here Where They Desire to Be
In the Loving Arms of Friends and their Family.
Please Return Our Troops Safely Home.

Cheryl E Gordon
copyright 4/27/10

Monday, April 26, 2010

"Righting Wrong"

Whatever Wrong Has Been Done to You, 
Bless It For It's Lesson 
And Learn to Forgive. 
Let It Go, So You May Live.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Love is the Pacifier"

Love is the Pacifier 
Dipped in The Honey 
Of All that Is Pure and Good. 

Cheryl E Gordon

"Love vs Hate"

Hatred is a Sickness of the Spirit. 
Love is The Only Cure.

Cheryl E Gordon

Saturday, April 24, 2010


❦❦ "Grow the World" ❦❦ 

 Cheryl E Gordon


Breathe In Love ♥ ... 
Breathe Out Passion ... ✺

Cheryl E Gordon

"Energy and Health"

We Resonate with Our Eternal Energy. 
Artificial Ingredients & Sustenance 
Weakens Our Body's Force Field,
Interfering with our Capabilities and Tasks.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Positive Quote"

A Positive Quote 
Helps Keep the World Afloat

Cheryl E Gordon

"Life's Journey"

In Your Life's Journey
Keep Your Heart Open,
Your Spirit Centered, 
And Your Thoughts Pure.

Cheryl E Gordon

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Stars of the Universe"

We Are All Stars of the Universe and 
Unique in Our Own "Shining" Way.

Cheryl E Gordon

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Engines & Boxcars"

Some People Are Dissatisfied that They Are Not Born Leaders
Yet, What Good is a Train Engine without the Boxcars?

Cheryl E Gordon

* Dare to Dream *

Dare to Dream in Your Waking State.

Cheryl E Gordon

* Catalysts *

We Are All Catalysts in That Which Surrounds Us.

Cheryl E Gordon

♥ Love is Heaven Endorsed.♥

♥ Love is Heaven Endorsed.♥

Cheryl E Gordon

"Willing Participants"

We Are All Willing Participants in the Circle of Life; 
Our Unique Purpose Chosen Before We Are Born. 

Cheryl E Gordon

*"Embraced By Light"

Imagine Yourself Embraced by the Light and
You Will Become One With The Light.

Cheryl E Gordon

Friday, April 16, 2010

"Sunrise and Sunset"

The Glorious Greeting 
Of the Sunrise, and
The Sunset's Warm Display 
At the Closing of the Day
Are Vibrant Reminders 
Of God's Eternal LOVE.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Love is Forever"

♥ Love Does Not Forget 
Because Love is Forever. ♥

Cheryl E Gordon

"Dressed in the Spirit"

You Are Always Dressed Appropriately 
When You are Dressed in the Spirit.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Having and Open Mind"

The Creative Mind is Freshly Open to All Possibilities. 
The Opinionated Mind Leads a Life of Fear and Distrust. 
It is Healthy and Good to Have an Open Mind.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Changing the World"

We Can Change the World
One Heartbeat ~ at a Time, 
With Our Hearts Open (♥) To Love.

Cheryl E Gordon


When You Truly Focus Within, 
You Shall Not Go Without.

Cheryl E Gordon


Life is Always in the Making. 
Be Creative in All You Do.

Cheryl E Gordon

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

*The Presence of Good and Evil*

Some Say Evil Does Not Exist.
That it is Present Only if One Looks for It.
Yet I Know it to Be Real.
In Our Apathy, Ignorance and Denial
It Finds It's Power.
Preying on the Innocent and Unsuspecting.
I see it's Aftermath in the "Broken" Child and Enslaved Spirit.
Yet It Can be Overcome.
We Can Conquer this Force.
To Do So We Must Believe, and
Reach For Spiritual Guidance.
Only Then Can Our Eyes Be Open
To Challenge & Confront it.
The Strong Must Join Hands,
To Bring Forth the Light,
Penetrating the Darkness to
Extinguish It's Power,

Cheryl E Gordon

Sunday, April 11, 2010

♥ Love is a Four Letter Word ♥

♥ Love is a four letter word 
With NO Strings Attached. ♥

Cheryl E Gordon

*Political Cooperation *

Leaning Too Far "Left"" or Too Far Right" 
Throws One Off Balance.
One Does Not Need to Compromise Value,
Yet Must Relinquish Ego and Demands
To Bring Forth the Common Good.

Cheryl E Gordon

* Best Intent *

Offer the World Your Best Intent 
In ALL You Say and Do.

Cheryl E Gordon

*Bubbles of Hope*

Effervescent Bubbles of Hope 
Carried on the Wind of Love, 
May You Always Reach Your Destination.

Cheryl E Gordon

Friday, April 9, 2010

"Lightworker's Purpose" ...

Our Work Will Not Be Done 
Until All Are Seen As ONE.

Cheryl E Gordon

"The Dragon"

Befriend the Dragon 
Within and Without,
Conquer Your Fears,
And Believe.

Cheryl E Gordon

The Battleship:

Our Body is a Battleship. 
I Have Taken Many a Hit, 
Yet I'm Happy to Say that I'm Still Afloat.

Cheryl E Gordon

Thursday, April 8, 2010


May All Tears of Sorrow
Be Transformed to Tears of Joy
In Our Lifetime.

Cheryl E Gordon

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"The Ladder"

Within the Extremes of True Purity and Base Evil
Resides the Common Man.
In Judging Demeanor, a Material Value
We Often Place upon Each Other
In Relationship to Status in Life,
And a bit of Snobbery and Stubbornness Perhaps,
In the Category Of Awareness and Understanding.
Yet, What is Obvious to Some
Is Incomprehensible to Others ~
There Being No Common Link to an Agreement
or so We Often Choose to Believe.

The Truth is, that In Our Worldly Reality,
No One Person is "Greater" Than the Other.
For We are All On Different Rungs of the Ladder,
Responding to Various Events and Situations
Seen Differently through Each One's Own Expectations
And by Our Perceived Experiences.
And when we Separate Ourselves,
Thinking it is "Us against "Them,
We become Disoriented and Disillusioned,
Often Driven Towards Chaos and Further Distancing.

Cheryl E Gordon

Make Peace Happen

Universal Thought Magnifies in It's Power and Ability. 
Imagine Peace and Make it HAPPEN!

Cheryl E Gordon

Prayer for Peace

My Feet on the Ground, Hands To the Sky~ 
Reaching Towards the Heavens and 
Breathing Out a Sigh. 
Earth Needs Help Lord,
Please Don't Deny.

Cheryl E Gordon

Cosmic Orchestration:

Thunder Drum Rolls
Lightening Flash Dances
Heavenly Cosmic Orchestration
For Our Earthly Viewing Pleasure...

Or, Perhaps A Cryptic Message
Shouting Out to the World,
You Need Energy?
Harness Me!

Cheryl E Gordon

Monday, April 5, 2010

"Dual Mission"

We are not here solely for the Betterment of Ourselves,
In this Calling of our Earth Venture, 

We are here to Serve as Willing and Contributing Participants
In Collaboration with All Humanity and Other Life Forces

To Raise the Collective Consciousness 
In the Best Way we possibly can.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Inspiration and Destination"

Map Out Your Hopes, and Dreams 
and Be Sure to Take the Scenic Routes 
Through Inspiration to Your Destination.

Cheryl E Gordon

Stand By a Friend

Stand by a Friend
From Beginning to End
and Whenever Possible
Do it All Over Again.

Cheryl E Gordon

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Allow a Life of Pain and Heartache 
to be Transformed into one of Healing and Hope. 
Share Your Love
And it will Change Twofold. ♥ ♥

Cheryl E Gordon

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Respond to Those In Need

Let Us Respond to Those in Need 
By Good Thought, Word and Deed.

Cheryl E Gordon

Garments of Love

 Love is the Ultimate Epiphany.
♥ First Thing in the Morning, Let Us Put on Our Garments of Love ♥

Cheryl E Gordon

The Smile

The Smile Transcends Any Language Barrier
and Crosses All Boundaries.

Cheryl E Gordon


Take the Words Spoken in Anger,
and Transform them into One of Love

Cheryl E Gordon,

"The Life Line"

As You Ride Around Safely In Your Boat, 
Do Not Be Afraid to Throw Out a Lifeline 
Into the Sea of Humanity.
There is Always Someone Who Needs Help.

Cheryl E Gordon

Ship in the Harbor

If You Are Waiting for Your Ship to Come In... 
Check Closely to Make Sure it is Not Already in the Harbor.

Cheryl E Gordon