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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Prayer: May Peace Cover the Earth

Prayer: May Peace Cover the Earth
Like a Blanket of Brilliant Flowers in Bloom. 
Let No One Suffer Disease, Pain, Hunger or Succumb to Loneliness. 
May Divine Love Fill All Hearts.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 20,2009

Humbleness & Blessings

The More Humble We are in Spirit,
The More Blessings Come Our Way.
Even the Smallest Blessing
Is Our Great Reward.
Shine On!

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 20, 2009

Haiku Poem: Little Girl Next Door

Medussa's in Red/Snake Curls Encircling her Head/Little Girl Next Door.

Haiku Poem,
Cheryl E Gordon,
Sept 18, 2009

Safety Net

My Safety Net is God Through Jesus!

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 18th 2009

Transition from Life to Afterlife

Eventful Hour Glass Time.
Busy Hands and Purposeful Feet.
You Call Us By Name.
The Sand Runs Dry.
No Breath is Acknowledged
When Our Father Beckons.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 17th, 2009

Adult School

If We Were Required to Attend "Adult School",
And Children were our Teachers,
Would We Pass?

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 17th,2009

What We Say Has Impact

It is Important to Know
that the Words we Speak
Take on a Life of Themselves.

Cheryl Gordon
Sept 16,2009

Haiku Poem: "Hawk Intent"

Hawk Shrieks Circling Sky,
Mouse Tiptoes, Rabbits Scurry
Life Intent in Three

Cheryl Gordon
Sept 16th 2009

Stand United

Republicans, Democrats, Remember our Core Belief,
"United We Stand".
We are the United States.
We Cannot be Strong if We Do Not Get Along.

Cheryl Gordon
Sept 15, 2009

Prayer: God Be With Us

One May Pray, "God Be On Our Side." 
But God Does Not take "Sides".
He is Part of All of Us, and We are of Him.
Doing So Would Therefore Deny Self.
So I Believe, It is Good to Pray,
"God be with Us in All We Do.
Let Our Actions Be Reflective of Your Love
So We May Hurt No One."

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 15, 2009

Haiku Poem: "Fish of the Deep"

Awake and then Asleep
Reaching Out Into the Deep,
Fish Are Dancing Sweet.
Some are Bright in Hue,
Beckoning, Darting About,
Others Hide From View.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 14, 2009

"Understanding God's Creatures"

We must Learn to See All Living Things,
All of God's Creatures,
As an Inherent part of this World.
We May then Learn to Love All
God Has Created for Us.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 14, 2009

Inner Truth

Our Inner Truth
Is Intimately and Gloriously Seen and Shared
Through Artistic Expression.

Cheryl E Gordon,
Sept 13, 2009

Short Prayer: God is With Me

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light
Means Knowing God is With Me
And Everything Will Be Alright.

Cheryl E Gordon,
Oct 31,2009

Haiku Poem: "Owl in Flight"

Owl Glides the Night
Raptor Bird of Heaven and Earth,
Silent Wings in Flight.

Cheryl E Gordon
Oct 31, 2009