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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Reason Beyond All Reason"

We All Have Intuitive Skills.
We Just Need to take Them Out of the Drawer, Polish and Use Them.

They Go Below the Surface and Extend Beyond the Borders of Reason...
The Senses of Feeling, Seeing, Touching and Smelling.

Some Things Transcend and Some Lie Below the Scope of the Common Senses.

To Stay Grounded,
One Must Believe In their Intuitive Skills,
And Base their Trust in the One with "Reason Beyond All Reason.

Cheryl E Gordon

Friday, August 5, 2011

"A Blessing From Jesus"

May Jesus Hold You in His Arms
And His Angels Carry You over the Chasms 
Of Pain and Sorrow 
So Your Spirit Will be Set Free 
To Cherish Tomorrow.

Cheryl E Gordon

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Love Is"

Love is the Essence of Our Soul,
The Desire of Our Spirit,
The Hope of Our Future,
The Sustenance of Our Past,
And the Heart of Our Present

Cheryl E Gordon

"The Spiritual Awakening"

We have been here Before ~ Will We Ever Learn?
Our Practice has not yet Made Perfect. 
It is time for the Renewal of Our Spiritual Yearning to Evolve into Our Spiritual Awakening".

Everyone Who Wants Mother Earth to Remain Supportive of Life,
Must Now Take Interest in Preserving Life.
Everyone who Allows another to Suffer Must now Take their Hand and Give them Hope.

Please Join Me in Jostling those Lost in the Twirl of their Own Dance,
Listening to the Sound of their Tapping Feet, while Missing the Heart of the Beat.
We Must Now Shake the Dumb-founded and Awaken the "The Sleeping".

Cheryl E Gordon

Monday, August 1, 2011

"Prayer for Safety and Encompassing Peace"

Savior, Creator, The Magnificent "I AM"...  Carry Me Safely Protected in Your Arms, Over the Chasms of Darkness and Uncertainty, On the Wings of the Angels Protected in Love. Bring me Safely to a Mental and Spiritual Place of Encompassing Peace, where There is None to Fear and Love is All There IS.  Sustain, Refresh and Enlighten Me, Now and Forever. 
Amen ❤
Cheryl E Gordon