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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Prayer: May Peace Cover the Earth

Prayer: May Peace Cover the Earth
Like a Blanket of Brilliant Flowers in Bloom. 
Let No One Suffer Disease, Pain, Hunger or Succumb to Loneliness. 
May Divine Love Fill All Hearts.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 20,2009

Humbleness & Blessings

The More Humble We are in Spirit,
The More Blessings Come Our Way.
Even the Smallest Blessing
Is Our Great Reward.
Shine On!

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 20, 2009

Haiku Poem: Little Girl Next Door

Medussa's in Red/Snake Curls Encircling her Head/Little Girl Next Door.

Haiku Poem,
Cheryl E Gordon,
Sept 18, 2009

Safety Net

My Safety Net is God Through Jesus!

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 18th 2009

Transition from Life to Afterlife

Eventful Hour Glass Time.
Busy Hands and Purposeful Feet.
You Call Us By Name.
The Sand Runs Dry.
No Breath is Acknowledged
When Our Father Beckons.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 17th, 2009

Adult School

If We Were Required to Attend "Adult School",
And Children were our Teachers,
Would We Pass?

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 17th,2009

What We Say Has Impact

It is Important to Know
that the Words we Speak
Take on a Life of Themselves.

Cheryl Gordon
Sept 16,2009

Haiku Poem: "Hawk Intent"

Hawk Shrieks Circling Sky,
Mouse Tiptoes, Rabbits Scurry
Life Intent in Three

Cheryl Gordon
Sept 16th 2009

Stand United

Republicans, Democrats, Remember our Core Belief,
"United We Stand".
We are the United States.
We Cannot be Strong if We Do Not Get Along.

Cheryl Gordon
Sept 15, 2009

Prayer: God Be With Us

One May Pray, "God Be On Our Side." 
But God Does Not take "Sides".
He is Part of All of Us, and We are of Him.
Doing So Would Therefore Deny Self.
So I Believe, It is Good to Pray,
"God be with Us in All We Do.
Let Our Actions Be Reflective of Your Love
So We May Hurt No One."

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 15, 2009

Haiku Poem: "Fish of the Deep"

Awake and then Asleep
Reaching Out Into the Deep,
Fish Are Dancing Sweet.
Some are Bright in Hue,
Beckoning, Darting About,
Others Hide From View.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 14, 2009

"Understanding God's Creatures"

We must Learn to See All Living Things,
All of God's Creatures,
As an Inherent part of this World.
We May then Learn to Love All
God Has Created for Us.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 14, 2009

Inner Truth

Our Inner Truth
Is Intimately and Gloriously Seen and Shared
Through Artistic Expression.

Cheryl E Gordon,
Sept 13, 2009

Short Prayer: God is With Me

Out of the Darkness and Into the Light
Means Knowing God is With Me
And Everything Will Be Alright.

Cheryl E Gordon,
Oct 31,2009

Haiku Poem: "Owl in Flight"

Owl Glides the Night
Raptor Bird of Heaven and Earth,
Silent Wings in Flight.

Cheryl E Gordon
Oct 31, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life & the Flower

The Essence of the Flower Comes From the Stamen.
So It Is With Life.

Cheryl E Gordon

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Haiku Poem: "Laughing Crows"

Laughing Crows Pick Grain,
Sparkly Trinkets Line their Nests
Celebrating October's Feast.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Circus Animals"

Children Love Animals,
But Circus Animals Perform at their Own Expense
And are Slaves to Human Whim and Entertainment.
They Ritualistically Perform to Whip and Music
To Transient Crowds who throw Peanuts At them,
Banging on their Cages, or Yelling for them to Perform
While They Resort to Dreaming of Lost Freedom and Homeland.

Cheryl E Gordon

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"When Dreams Become Reality"

Do Not Give Up on Your Dreams.
Make Them a Reality
By Weaving & Manifesting Them
Into Your Life.

Cheryl E Gordon

Monday, October 26, 2009

"To Be or Not to Be"

We Can be Like a Beacon,
Or a Sinkhole.
It is Our Choice...

Cheryl E Gordon

Soulful Music

Soulful Music Wafts Into and Massages the Hardest of Hearts.

Cheryl E Gordon

When We.....

Hamster in a Wheel

If You are Feeling Like a Hamster in a Wheel,
It Helps to Stop Running!

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 2009

What Can I Do?

Life Demands Our Focused Attention. 
We Must Ask Ourselves, What is Important?
Who is in Need of My Services?
What Can I Do to Make an Impact Today?

Cheryl E Gordon
Aug 2009

From and Into the Light

In My Near Death Experience,
I was Drawn Towards and Into the "Tunnel of Light". 
Yet My Time Was Not. 
Like Little Fireflies,
We are the Essence of that Light.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 2009

Reaching Out to Others

Do Not Be Afraid to Reach Out to Others. 
Your Touch May Help to Heal a Broken Heart. 
Acceptance May Not Be Initially Obvious,
But Your Effort Will Not Go Unnoticed. 
Do this Often.  
Love Has a Cumulative Effect.

Cheryl E Gordon

Restless Earthbound Spirits

There Are Many Earth Locked, Confused and Restless Spirits Among Us, Clamoring for Attention.  Not All People Recognize this, but not all the World's Chaos Originates from the Living.

If we Recognize The Unhappy Earthbound Spirits, We Can Help Them.  I Believe That if we Have the Gift to "See" beyond our Physical Reality,  it is Our Responsibility to Help Those Who Are Lost, to Find Their Way.

Unresolved Life Issues May be Addressed at the Spiritual Level.  If We Truly Desire, and They are Willing, We May Help Them to Move Forward Into the Light, and to Their Own Spiritual Salvation from Their Clinging Earthbound Life.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Peace & Our Family"

Our Family Members are the Closest to Our Genetic Composition.
When we are at Odds with our Family, We are at Odds with Ourselves.
We Must First Make Peace within Ourselves,
And Then Within Our Family.
From There we can Move Forward.

Cheryl E Gordon
Sept 2009

Internal Beauty

The Beauty We See and Find in Life
Begins from Within.

Cheryl E Gordon

Healing of the Body & Spirit

It is Important That We Give Ourselves Permission To Heal.
Our Body is as Sensitive to our Own Thought
As it is To Outside Influence.
Healing of the Body Begins
With Healing of the Spirit.

Cheryl E Gordon
August 25, 2009

Perception and Thought

What is Thought Cannot Be Un-Thought.
And What is Thought to be True One Day
May Not Be So the Next.
Secrets May Be Revealed, and
Truth May Lay Buried in Lies,
Yet, Perception Flows with the Changes
And Discernment Comes from the Heart.

Cheryl E Gordon
August 2009

The Meek

The Meek are Often Misunderstood and Ridiculed. 
Yet, They are not What They Seem. 
Their Power is in Patience, Compassion,
Understanding and Acceptance.

Cheryl E Gordon
August 2009

Thinking Outside the Cracker Box

It is Beneficial to Think Outside The Cracker Box.

Cheryl E Gordon

Deflecting Negative Energy From Others

One Way to Deflect Negative Energy From Others:

When you Feel as if Someone is Sapping Your Energy or Mentally Attacking You, Hold an Imaginary Mirror Facing the Person While Focusing on Heavenly Light Coming Down Through Your Arms, Your Body and Out Through Your Feet into the Ground. 

Keep Focusing on the Heavenly Light Radiating Through Your Body While Holding this Mirror in front of you with the Mirrored Side Outwards.  This is "Centering & Grounding Yourself" and it is Protective. 

The Negative Energy is Reflected Back Towards the Offensive Person by The Imaginary Mirror.  Now they Must Deal With it.

Cheryl E Gordon

Light & Darkness

All This Talk of Hatred, Death, and Destruction!
Do They Not Know They Cannot find their Way in the Dark?
If We But Shine Our Light, They Will See.

Cheryl E Gordon

Faith & Wealth

It is True.  I Have No Financial Empire. 
My Wealth Comes From the Holy Spirit
And of That I am Eternally Grateful.

Cheryl E Gordon
August 2009

Take Care of Ourselves

We Must Remember to Take Care of Ourselves and Our Family
When Focusing on Healing the World.

Cheryl E Gordon
August 2009

Rising Sun & Night Visions

Let Our Hearts Be Joyful for the Rising of the Sun,
And Our Spirit Be Strengthened by Peaceful Visions
Of the Night While In Slumber.

Cheryl E Gordon
July 2009

It is Not About Us

It is Not About Us.
It is about All of Us.
And, Do Not Be Afraid to Love,
For Love is As Natural As Breathing.

Cheryl E Gordon
July 2009


Fire, Water, Earth and Wind.
These are the Elements and
Blended by God, They are Part of Us.

Cheryl E Gordon
June 2009

War is a Cancer

War is a Cancer on the Face of the Earth. 
The Energy and Potency of Universal Love
Is It's Cure.

Cheryl E Gordon

On Giving

Once We Learn How to Give,
Need is No Longer So Important in Our Life.

Cheryl E Gordon
June, 2009

Our Future

I Believe that The Accumulation of All Our Thoughts and Desires
Sets the Mood for Our Future.

Cheryl E Gordon

Happiness & Love

Always Keep Love in Your Heart,
And Happiness Will Come to You.

Cheryl E Gordon

Finding True Love

Finding True Love is Like having Christmas,
Easter and Your Birthday
All At Once!

Cheryl E Gordon

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our Friends

Friends Supplement our Strength. 
If We Surround Ourselves with Friends,
We Have a Fortress that Cannot Be Scaled or Penetrated.

Cheryl E Gordon

Divine Love

Our Main Ingredient is Love, and
We are the Essence of Divine Love.

Cheryl E Gordon

Believe in the One

When all is Said and Done,
Believe in the "One" and
Truth Shall Be Revealed.

Cheryl E Gordon
June, 2009

Artificial Intelligence

So Many Humans Now Breathe and Ingest
So Many Food Additives, Pharmaceuticals, and Toxins,
That They may Generate a New Race of Artificial Intelligence.

Cheryl E Gordon
May 2009

Money and Giving

It Really is not about Money at All.
More Money is Not Less Worry. 
It is More to Worry About, and Harder to Part With. 
Life is Really About Living and Giving.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Dream State"

Welcome the Dream State, the Dream World.
It is Our Alternate Reality,
the Work Station and Playground
Of Our Imaginative and Collective Mind.

Cheryl E Gordon

Hate, Anger & Disease

Hate is a Culminating Anger Causing Disease.
When Released Suddenly,
It Becomes an Explosive Volcano,
Destroying All in it's Path.

Cheryl E Gordon

God and Truth

Only Through Your Eyes Lord,
May I Discern Truth From Lies.

Cheryl E Gordon

Pets are Our Teachers and Friends

Pets are our Teachers,Companions, and Our Friends.
We Do Not Own Them Although Some May Think They Do.
They Share Their Spiritual and Physical Essence with Us
Of Which We Should be Entirely Grateful.

Cheryl E Gordon

Earth Time

If Time had an Intersection Point,
Where Would We Be?
At the Beginning. 
We are Always at the Beginning
As Long as we Draw a Breath.

Cheryl E Gordon

Winning the Game

Do Not Be Disheartened If You Do Not Win.  You Were a Willing Participant, a Player in an Event of Choice.  There Will Be Others.  Play to Play.

Cheryl E Gordon

God & the Universe

God, Universe, Earth, Creatures, Man:  We are All Part of the Big Picture.  Whether or Not it Started with a Whimper, Whistle  or Bang is Not the Main Event.

Cheryl E Gordon

Way to Yourself

The Only Way To Yourself, Is Through Yourself....

Cheryl E Gordon

Divine Purpose Mystery

We All Have a Divine Purpose; The Great Mystery is that Our Divine Purpose is Intertwined with Love and Sharing.  How We Accomplish this is Unique to Each Person.

Cheryl E Gordon

About Respect

Respect is Not What Others Owe Us. 
It is Earned Covertly and Overtly. 
Respect Can be Mistaken and Abused. 
We Must Live to Respect, Respect.

Cheryl E Gordon


All Have Intuitive Skills.  We Just Need to take Them Out of the Drawer, Polish and Use Them.

Cheryl E Gordon

Natural Resources & Renewable Energy

The Best Natural Resources Come From Within.  And, This is Great Because it is Renewable Energy!

Cheryl E Gordon

"Mind Mother Board"

I Wonder How Much Memory Space the Mind Actually Has. 
Does it have True Capability to Effectively "Compress", "Trash",  "Free Up Space and Especially to "Recover"?
Are Some of Us Just Mind Illiterate, and Others Addicted to Mind Games?
I Must Confess that sometimes, I have Fear of my own Mother Board Crashing.

Cheryl E Gordon

Earth School

The Earth is Our School of Life and We are the Students.  How Are We All Doing in School?

Cheryl E Gordon

Natural Disaster

Well, It seems to be Evolving, that Natural Disaster has become Unnatural by Way of Man.

Cheryl E Gordon

Open the Heart

It is Easy to Love those who Think Like Us.  The Challenge is to Love a Stranger.  We can Start by Saying Hi.  A Smile Opens the Pathway to the Heart.

Cheryl E Gordon


If You Follow Truth, It Will Follow You.

Cheryl E Gordon

Making Ends Meet

I have been Trying to Make Ends Meet for some Time.  I Keep Tugging and Tugging to no Avail.  But, what I really need is a much Longer String!

Cheryl E Gordon

Toxic Environment

Our Environment is so Toxic that our Body does not Know Who/what is the Enemy.  Because of this, Many Resultantly Suffer from Allergy & Disease.

Cheryl E Gordon

Turtle & Clouds

A Ray of Sunshine Pokes Through the Clouds Like a Shy Turtle About to Peek Out to Make His Move.  Each are Unique and Proceed with Purpose.

Cheryl E Gordon

My Dog Bandit & Perspective

I Love My dog Bandit.  He Puts Things in Perspective When Times are Hard.  I can See it in his Eyes.  "Ok, Mom".  We Can Get Through this Together.  Now, Where is that Ball?

Cheryl E Gordon

Colors of the Rainbow

We Must Open Our Hearts to all the Colors of the Rainbow.

Cheryl E Gordon

Love and Hate

Hate Will Burn a Hole in the Heart,
but Love will make the Heart Stronger.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Out of Tune with Nature"

I Believe That
When we are out of Tune with Nature,
As we Slovenly Top the Broken Tree;
There will be "No Song".
We Will be Unable to Fix "Gone".

Cheryl E Gordon

"Anger, Hate and Water"

Some Believe Gentleness and Kindness to be a Sign of Weakness,
Yet I Say,
Why Fight Fire with Fire When It is Water that Always Puts It Out?

Cheryl E Gordon

Mystery of Life

We are All Significant; 
Each One of Us Being a Piece of the Big Puzzle We Call "Life".

Cheryl E Gordon

Will and a Way

Where There is a Will, There is a Way.
Where There is a Way, There Has Got to Be a Way Out!

Cheryl E Gordon

Plant a Seed

Plant a Seed of Substance and Dreams. 
Nourish, Guard and Protect It
As If Your Life depends on It.

Cheryl E Gordon


Forceful Change Carries with it the Memory of Destruction,
and Natural Change, Harmonious Existence.

Cheryl E Gordon

Your Head and the Door

Observation:  If One Bang's One's Head Against a Door to Open It,
One Will Not Be Able to Think Straight When it Finally Opens.

Cheryl E Gordon

Necklace of Faith

Life is Like a Necklace. 
Each Moment is a Cherished Gem,
and the Strand is Our Faith.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Stars of the Universe"

We are of the Universe.
Stars are Within Each One of Us,
and We Determine if they Shall Shine!

Cheryl E Gordon

"Color of My Heart"

We Are One.
Therefore I ask of All,
Judge Me Not By the Color of My Skin,
But by the Color of My Heart.

Cheryl E Gordon

We are One

There is Great Need for All People to Work Together,
Respecting the Ways of All People,
Their Culture and Origin;
For We Are All One!

Cheryl E Gordon

Water of Life

There is Turbulence of Water Where River Meets Ocean.
Yet Water is Life.

Cheryl E Gordon

Passageway of Time

I Believe the Passageway of Time May Actually Be a Portal Into Eternity.

Cheryl E Gordon

Anger and Hatred

There Will Be No Growth
Where Anger and Hatred is Germinating in the Heart.
Any New Seedling Will Be Consumed, and Destroyed.

Cheryl E Gordon

In Our Heart

If It is Wrong,
We Must Express It.
If it is Not Understood,
We Often Want to Suppress It.
But We Must Believe and Do
That Which We Know is Right
In Our Heart.

Cheryl E Gordon

Forgiveness & Understanding

There is No Need to ask for Forgiveness
In That Which We Have or Have Not Done,
But To Ask for Understanding
And Right any Wrong that We Do.

Cheryl E Gordon

Soap Bubble & Life

My Father often Reminded Me that "Life is Like a soap Bubble, Reflecting what You Do.  Look Into It Smilingly, and it Will Smile Right Back at You!"

Author Unknown...
Posted by Cheryl E Gordon

Ghost Termites

My Definition of Negativism:
Ghost Termites Destroying the Foundation of Our Existence.

Cheryl E Gordon

Stained Glass Eyes

I Often Look at the World Through Stained Glass Eyes.
But So Much of What I See
Seems to be in Focused on Black and White,
and this Frightens Me.

Cheryl E Gordon

Parents & Dreams

Your Broken or Lost Dreams
Should Not become Your Child's Inheritance.
Nurture Your Child's Dreams in Love, and
Watch Their Fertile Future Grow.

Cheryl E Gordon

"Skipping The Pebble of Love"

Guided Imagery:
Imagine You Have A Pebble
On Which You Have Written the Word "LOVE".
Now Skip Your Pebble Across the Rivers of the World
To Create Ripples of Love!

Cheryl E Gordon

God's Love & Light

Life seems So Very Hard that Sometimes I Just Want to "Go Home".  Thank God, By Focusing on His Love and Light, Awareness Brings Me Right Back Into the Picture....

Cheryl E Gordon

Tantrums and Loving Your Child

Watching a child in Theatrical Display of Tanturm,
I Sadly Noted;
This Spoiled and Pampered Child
Is Being Nurtured Into Becoming an Egocentric Narcissitic Adult.
Please, Please Love Your Child Enough
To Correct Them When They Do Wrong.

Cheryl E Gordon

You and Your Music

The Music You Play and Listen to Today Will Materialize Tomorrow.
 Music Plays the Strings of the Heart.

Cheryl E Gordon

Pornography and Respect

Pornography is a Blatant Disregard of Universal Truth
And a Dishonor of the Body.

It Makes a Mockery of Love, and
Is Based on Seduction and Hypocrisy
In it's Lowest Form.

Cheryl E Gordon

About Crying

Why are so Many People Afraid to Cry? 
Crying is the Necessary Cleansing of Spirit, Refreshing the Soul.

Cheryl E Gordon

Balance of Life and Death

In this Drama of Life, Change is a Necessary Component of Balance, and
Balance is a Necessary Component of Life.
It is also True that Death is a Necessary Transition.

Cheryl E Gordon

Voices of Our Ancestors

If We Carefully Listen to the Inner Voices of Our Ancestors,
We May Learn What they have Learned.

Cheryl E Gordon

There is A God

Thank God He/She Does Not Question Our Very Existence!

Cheryl E Gordon

Flowers and Rebirth

Flowers are Gently Reminders of Rebirth and Life.  Their Beauty is Glorious to Behold!

Cheryl E Gordon

Sex without Love

Many Lonely People are Trying to Find "Love" through Insignificant Sex. 

Do They Not Know that Sex without Love is like an Artist who Paints onlybHalf the Picture?

Cheryl E Gordon

"Caretakers of the Earth"

We Are the Caretakers of this Physical Reality we call Earth;
That is, All Things Living and of Substance,
And that what we may deem to be Nonliving.

All Have Divine Purpose and are Given the Pulse of Life
Even if the Vibration Cannot be Felt
Or Heard by Human Senses.
Our Collective Mission as "Man" is to Maintain
And Nurture the Earth and it's Inhabitants.

It is not Right to Turn our Backs on Our Children.

Cheryl E Gordon

Eagle's Cry & Freedom

From the Darkness into the Light, follow the Path of Freedom.  The Eagle's Cry Herald's Your Advance and Peace Awaits Your Arrival.

Cheryl E Gordon


Creativity Stems from the Recesses of Our Mind.  It is Tapped into Our Own Spirituality.  Spring Cleaning, or Removing the Cobwebs, Helps Tremendously!

Cheryl E Gordon

Human Musical Notes

What if the World is a Symphony and We are Each a Note.  What Music Would We Be Playing?

Cheryl E Gordon

Be Healthy

It is Good for Us to Ingest Life and Breathe Peace.

Cheryl E Gordon

Denying God

I Believe that denying There is a God is denying Your Very Own Existence.  That Seems Self Defeating.   By Opening Up Your Heart, There is Hope!

Cheryl E Gordon

"Outer Space"

Thinking about how So Many are Eager to Explore Outer Space,
Yet so Many Have Yet to Find Their Inner Sanctum or Inner Space.

Cheryl E Gordon

Listen to a Child

Listen to What a Child Has to Say, and You Will Get a Glimpse of the Future.

Cheryl E Gordon

Follow a Child

Follow a Young Child and Listen Closely to What they Have to say.  They are still Close to, and Remember "the Other Side".

Cheryl E Gordon

Caretakers of the Earth

We are the Caretakers of the Planet Earth.  What We Do or Do Not Do will Manifest in Cause and Effect.

Cheryl E Gordon