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Monday, October 26, 2009

Restless Earthbound Spirits

There Are Many Earth Locked, Confused and Restless Spirits Among Us, Clamoring for Attention.  Not All People Recognize this, but not all the World's Chaos Originates from the Living.

If we Recognize The Unhappy Earthbound Spirits, We Can Help Them.  I Believe That if we Have the Gift to "See" beyond our Physical Reality,  it is Our Responsibility to Help Those Who Are Lost, to Find Their Way.

Unresolved Life Issues May be Addressed at the Spiritual Level.  If We Truly Desire, and They are Willing, We May Help Them to Move Forward Into the Light, and to Their Own Spiritual Salvation from Their Clinging Earthbound Life.

Cheryl E Gordon

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  1. And, I am hearing a great deal of clanging of Chains Lately.


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